Reel/Philips and Disney

Philips and Disney

Children, a kept promise, so many ideas, by all means meaningful, where do all the colors come from?
Five kids told us their favourite stories. Free and fantastic. And us? We surprised them with a huge, handmade film set. So much real happiness.

Production: Rekorder
Client: Philips & Disney
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Agency Producer: Tanja Frohwerk
Creatives: Aga Oginski/Tom Schwarz
Account: Shelly Graney
Director: Werner Klemm
Camera: Stephan Fallucchi
1. AD: Vanessa Dansette
Production Assistant: Julia Vogler
Art Director: Paul Persighetti
Assistant Art Department: Peter Baum
Camera Assistant: Floran Geyer
Sound: Nicolai Wolf
Gaffer: Andreas Schwab
Lighting: Kirsten Stahlkopf
Lighting: Krzysztof Brzeski
Lighting: Benglit Glitschka
DIT: Thomas Kelling
Set Dresser: Fabian Vetter
Making-of: Greg Kotler/Andy Abzah


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