Reel/BMW Cultural Engagement

BMW Cultural Engagement

Ever since the wonderful Art Journey we have known about the wide range of BMW’s Cultural Engagement. What this means in detail? Find out in this nice trailer which was produced for BMW by Rekorder in collaboration with Dorten.

Director: Werner Klemm 
DoP: Stephan Fallucchi 
Producer: Erin McBean 
Production Assistants: Julia Vogler, Sarah Salzmann, Piet Schmidt 
Edit: Georg Petzold, Werner Klemm 
Grading: Arri, Pippo 
Music: Jasmin Reuter 
Mix: Florian Peil 
Setdesign: Adán Hernández

Agency: Dorten 
Creative Director: Christina Raftopoulo, Paul Bachmann 
Account: Uwe Hiltwein


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