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BMW Art Journey

The BMW Art Journey is a global art initiative by BMW in cooperation with Art Basel. Promoting some of today’s most promising artists on their inspirational journeys to research, network, envision and create new work.

Rekorder is proud to have developed the film and photo concept and produced the Art Journey series. Accompanying the selected artists on their journeys around the globe, documenting their path of creative discovery. The result is the captivating series: See the Unseen.

Recipients of the BMW Art Journey include visual artist and composer Samson Young, German video artist duo Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr, British artist Abigail Reynolds, Max Hooper-Schneider from Los Angeles and India-based artist Astha Butail.


  • BMW AJ Astha Butail
  • BMW AJ Abigail Reynolds - Turkey
  • BMW AJ Abigail Reynolds
  • Interview Abigail Reynolds
  • BMW Art Journey Film
  • BMW Art Journey Teaser
  • BMW AJ Trailer