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Zachary Heinzerling

Zachary Heinzerling is a director with a strong cinematic and artful approach. His films capture real and surreal moments and intimate performances. Originally studying philosophy and art, he started his filmmaking career at HBO, where he worked as a producer as well as a cinematographer on four consecutive Emmy Award-winning documentaries and the Emmy Award-winning series 24/7.

In 2012, he completed his feature debut, the multi-award-winning film, “Cutie and the Boxer”, which he both directed and shot. “Cutie and the Boxer” was nominated for a 2014 Academy Award and also won the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award, the Charles Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award and  the International Documentary Association's Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award.

More recently, Zachary directed wonderful spots for Facebook, Mazda, and was enlisted by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter to direct the five-part web series “Self-Titled” for her latest album, “Beyoncé.”

Zachary Heinzerling is represented by Rekorder.


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