Directors/Vallée Duhamel

Vallée Duhamel

With Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel we welcome another fantastic director partnership into our circle. They create insanely colorful, beautiful, playful and distinctive films - really unique. They’re the prefect mixture between high class and low-fi and always super creative. Among others they've already made clients such as Google, Coca-Cola, New York Times, Hermes, Samsung, Reebok and MTV very happy.

Vallée Duhamel/Directors/Creative/Playful/Highclass/Lo-Fi

Vallée Duhamel are represented by Rekorder.


  • Google Android Wear
  • OFFF Barcelona Main Titles
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Hermès Metamorphose
  • Firefox
  • Koodo Mobile
  • Hermès Montre
  • Sodec Québec
  • A Very Short Film